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CarPlay - Custom POIs

On the IOS app I can add custom POIs to "Show on Map" and it works well.   I can click on a POI and route to it....      I am trying to do the same on CarPlay, however I do not see an option to "Show on Map" for custom POIs.       Is this something that can get added or is this a limitation with CarPlay?

I would love to see the POIs on my CarPlay display and have the ability to route to it by either clicking on the icon on the map or doing a search.

I do a lot of rides and import a great deal of POIs via GPX file(s) and on-the-fly would like to click and route or do a search for nearest and then pick from a list type of search.


You can activate the POIs while not connected to CarPlay. Then they should show up on CarPlay too.

You can’t select them on the map… that’s a limitation of CarPlay.

I’ll add it to the feature request list to make individual POIs from a POI group searchable. Will be a while before I get around to this though I’m afraid. The list is long and has many items on it. Sorry.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I attempted turn on the custom POIs I made and then went to CarPlay and I still could not see the POIs.

I will try again once it stops raining here...

I guess what I am attempting to do is this:

I currently use my built-in GPS on my bike(Harley) and can upload a route (I use Furkot to generate route and export GPX) to follow...I can search for POIs either by current location or by "along route".    This works well but the Harley built-in GPS is not up-to-date with roads and POIs are terrible.  So I am planning to upgrade the radio to one that does CarPlay.

So my question is can Scenic do this sort of search - in CarPlay?    Search for POI (around currently location or along current route) and then can it add a selected POI to the current route as a stop?

I do a lot of cross-country riding (usually by some sort of planned route) AND I just started riding for, a sort of scavenger hunt type riding.    So I'd like to be on a cross-country ride, maybe following a planned route and when time permits be able to quickly search for these TourOfHonor POI and quickly route to them...

I may be asking too much here...especially doing a search on the head-unit (CarPlay) which would mean I would be searching while riding or at least while sitting on the bike.   But I guess the biggest value-add is having the icons of these custom POIs show up on the CarPlay screen....that would mean if I was riding and in the area I could quickly visit that POI....and if say I was at a rest stop I could look up these POIs on my iPhone and if there was one close I could add it to my route then.....

Thank you for letting me "talk this out loud" and thank you for putting in a feature request for custom POIs as searchable in CarPlay.     I really want to get rid of my outdated Harley GPS and go with CarPlay and Scenic is great!



Ok. I understand what you are trying to do better now. Thanks for the details.
So, I was not clear previously. Scenic makes a difference wether to display POIs while planning or display them while also navigating. To see them during navigation (also on CarPlay), is tap the ‘start ride’ button (while not connected to CarPlay) and then go to the ‘big button’ menu and through there go to the ‘layers button and activate the PoI group in question .

With that, you should be able to see them while navigating, also on CarPlay.

Selecting them while tapping on the map is not possible on CarPlay (it is on iPhone). And also searching for those custom imported POIs is currently not possible. I will see if I can add that.

Then, Scenic also has ‘built-on’ POIs like gas stations, restaurants, etc. This you can search for around your location. On CarPlay this is a bit clumsy but it is possible.

Hope this explains a bit further.


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