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Battery saver (screen dim from Scenic 1)

One of my favorite options on Scenic 1 was the battery saver option that would dim the screen until a turn was coming up.  It would also brighten when the screen was tapped.  Worked great for me, especially when riding in super hot conditions with strong sunlight (like in Utah or Nevada when it’s 100+ out).  Kept the phone cooler and allowed me to see a bright screen that grabbed my attention when a turn was coming up but allowed me to not worry much about it until then.

I’m not alone on missing this feature because I was chatting with some fellow riders about missing it just the other day.

hopefully it’s something that can be added into the options again?

Yes. It’s on the list for Scenic 3 again. I have the dame problem in Mexico. Expecially wireless charging generates too much heat.

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Awesome to hear.  Thank you