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Always Open in Landscape?

I know you can lock orientation when navigating, but is there any way to set Scenic to always open in landscape mode on the iPhone? When you first unlock the phone it's always in portrait mode, even if the phone is mounted in landscape orientation on the bike. To get it to change to landscape I have to remove it from the phone holder on the bike, reorientate it to landscape, then put it back in the holder. The only way I can be sure of Scenic being in landscape is to set this before I mount it on the bike, which can be a pain.

I could add a setting to force landscape, but that would mean Scenic would always open in landscape mode, even if you're just at home sitting on the couch.

I did some testing. When I'm on the iPhone homescreen and phone is in landscape mode, then tap the Scenic icon, Scenic opens in landscape mode.

The key here is to make sure your phone 'knows' it's in landscape mode. For example, if your phone is lying flat, horizontally on the table, the sensors can't tell if it's in landcape or portrait mode. If it's completely vertical it can tell very easily. If your phone is mounted somewhere in between this horizontal and vertical position, the sensors might not be able to tell. I have the same on my own bike. The mount is in a 45 degree angle toward my face more or less. I always hold the phone vertical in landscape mode, before I attach it to the mount. Seems to do the trick in my scenario.


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