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Add roads that are closed for motorcycles



I've found a dataset that contains gpx coördinates of roads that are closed (on specific times) for motorcyclists in The Netherlands and in Germany. I could export these points onto roadsections and export parts of roads that you aren't allowed to drive on in a spatial format like shape, geopackage or kml.
Is it possible to import data like this to make scenic route around these sections? Would save me some fines 🙂

Thanks in advance 🙂


Hi Roelof,

I'm afraid that is not possible at this time. Scenic uses map data from HERE Maps. The HERE framework is responsible for the routing. HERE map data is aware of seasonal road closures (mountain passes for example), and roads closed to certain vehicles, but I'm not sure if they have 'time of week' / 'time of day' closures. If they do, they are not exposing it in their map creator. Map creator is a tool where users can report issues with the map, and suggest improvements: (you'll need to create a HERE account).

What you could do with Scenic, depending on how your dataset looks:
1) If they are polylines, you could import them as tracks (through GPX) and place those tracks in a dedicated folder. Then make that folder visible as a layer (through the layers button top left in the start screen).
2) If they are just points (like waypoints), you can import the waypoints in a GPX as a POI Group, and again you can make that POI group visible as a layer.

Then, at least you can see where these stretches are, and in the power planner you could plan around them. The routing would NOT automatically route around them.

Hope this helps?

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Hi Guido,


Thanks for your reply! I will try and see if I can import them so that they will be visible as a layer for my future trips! Thanks for clearification 🙂