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2 Questions for Navigation

Hi there, i am premium for life user and evangelist of Scenic. Its great, except for 2 things.

1. I cant zoom in, eg use 2 fingers to zoom, it always springs back to the default zoom. This is very painful when you're route has recalced during your trip and youre lost and you need see some of the surrounds.

2. When i have planned a route on my ipad, opened it on the iphone i mount on my bike, it has recalculate the route and taken me somewhere i dont want to go, this seems to be worse if i use few waypoints. How can i disable this recalc and just use the route i planned?

thanks, otherwise i really like this app.

To 1. You have Auto Zoom enabled I guess, go to Settings->Navigation&Tracking and put it to manual.



Fair enough-but turning it off just to be able to quickly zoom when you pull over is not ideal, you need auto zoom on generally. Maybe this is somerthing that could be considered in new versions. eg auto zoom only effective when in motion?

thanks for the tip.

You can double tap the map to go to overview mode. There you can pinch-zoom. Or tap the ‘overview’ button in the big button menu which has the same effect and zooms out to your entire route

For 2, the route should be the same on both devices. Is the Scenic version the same, or are you perhaps running an older version of Scenic on one of them? If so, Scenic 2 and Scenic 3 use different map providers so that could be the reason. You can’t turn off recalculation to start a route. It always needs to calculate the route to be able to start navigation.

You can turn off recalculation when you detour (Settings > Navigation & Tracking > Detour Behavior). But I don’t think that is what you are looking for, right?

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