We accept ads for our newsletter and we do product reviews. An ad has a fee (see below). A product review is free if you send us the product free of charge. Please note that our readers rely on our honesty and genuine opinions, so we will highlight positives as well as any negatives of your product.

The article or review will be placed on the Scenic blog with an SEO friendly direct (do follow) link to your site. The article may also contain pictures. Additionally a summary of the article will be included in one issue of our newsletter Moto Monthly, with a (indirect/wrapper/no follow) link to your site and a link to the full article on the Scenic blog.

The Scenic blog has tens of thousands visitors per month. The vast majority of visitors find our blog through Google, by searching motorcycle related content.

Moto Monthly (the newsletter), is sent out once a month. It’s distributed to tens of thousands enthusiastic motorcycle riders who all explicitly opted in to the newsletter. Every issue contains own reviews, the latest of the motorcycle industry and all things Scenic. Each issue offers just one ad, so as an advertiser you can be sure that your link is not fighting for position with any other ads. The ad will be featured prominently between the other articles.

The combination of the article on the blog and the summary article in the newsletter works really well to get your products and services noticed.

Acceptable Content

It needs to add value to our audience so MUST BE MOTORCYCLE RELATED! For an example of the kind of content please see the Scenic Blog and an example of one of our newsletters. Topics range from Epic Routes, Motorcycle Gadgets, Motorcycle Clothing, Bike Comparisons, Bike Maintenance, Ride Reports, etc.

About the audience:

Our blog is visited by highly engaged and enthusiastic motorcycle riders.

People subscribe to the newsletter by:

  • registering an account in the Scenic App upon which they receive a verification email, where they can explicitly opt-in to the newsletter or
  • by explicitly entering their email in the subscription dialog on the Scenic blog, upon which they receive an email to confirm their subscription.

Due to these explicit double opt-ins the audience is highly engaged. As a result our open- and click rates are significantly above industry average.

Before considering:

  • Just like the non-sponsored content, each ad or product review should be highly relevant to motorcycle riding. Articles and products which are not relevant will not be accepted.
  • Your ad / product review will appear on the blog and a summary will be included in one issue of the newsletter. The summary newsletter piece will contain an (indirect/wrapper) link to your site and a link to the full article on the blog.
  • For the ad, you get to write the article and optionally provide a picture. We will then review, proof-read and make suggestions on your copy for deliverability.
  • For product reviews, as our readers rely on our honesty and genuine opinions, we will highlight the positives as well as any negatives. Of course we will send you the review before so you can check it before we publish.
  • Visits to your link can be tracked through the use of UTM parameters which will be automatically appended to your link if you want.
  • For the ad, an invoice will be sent through email, providing a payment by credit card link. Payment must be made in full before we publish.