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Won’t take a stretch of road

Scenic uses a 3rd party map and routing framework. Occasionally this framework contains errors for stretches of road. In other words, it thinks you are not allowed to go on that stretch of road (or at least not in the direction you want to take it). This translates into the route going around that stretch by taking a detour. The best thing to do is report these errors directly to the map provider.

Sometimes this can be resolved by placing via points on that stretch, but sometimes it can’t. If it can’t then your options are limited unfortunately. It can only be resolved by one of these workarounds, which all are not ideal:

  • Split up the route in a route before the error and a route after. Then, when at the point after the error, select the second route to continue your journey.
  • Put a via point before the error and one directly after. The route calculation will then calculate another way to reach these points, detouring you around the error. Then, during your ride, just ignore the routing instructions at that point and once you reach the via point after the error, it will recognise you are on the route again and ‘forget’ about the detour and guide you further along the route as you designed it.
  • If you’re importing from an external source you can also save the route as an offroad route. Than the blue line will be saved which matches your imported route perfectly. Offroad routes do not have voice and turn by turn navigation though. The route is simply drawn on the map for you to follow while the map moves and keeps your location centered.