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Scenic 3 info

A new version of Scenic, Scenic 3, is currently in development. Scenic 3 is aimed for early fall 2021.

What’s the difference with current Scenic 2?

Scenic 3 will feature new maps and a better routing algorithm, a refreshed look and feel, improvements to organizing of routes, rides and locations, improvements to navigation and later on in the year new functionalities will be added, amongst others, CarPlay support. Here are some sneak peek screenshots

When will it be ready?

It’s aimed for summer 2021. I won’t name any specific dates yet, but I will keep updating Scenic 2 where necessary of course. This will mostly entail smaller requests and bug fixes, as bigger items will be shifted to Scenic 3.

Will my routes, rides, locations stay like they are?

Yes. You keep your data. Nothing needs to be migrated or converted. The only moment when you’d want to double check something is when you want to navigate a route in Scenic 3, that was created with Scenic 2. Because of the different routing algorithm between the versions it’s theoretically possible that Scenic 3 takes different roads between two via points. In practice this will be rare though.

What happens to my purchases?

You keep them. You will keep all you purchases, including all offline map regions you purchased in the past, although you might need to download a new version of them. If anything, you’ll get more for the premium package, not less.

Will the free features remain free?

Yes, with one exception: Currently, in Scenic 2, on-screen (not voice) turn-by-turn instructions are free. In Scenic 3 these will only be available to Premium users. Non-premium users will get ‘follow-the-line’ guidance only (i.e. line is drawn on map to visually follow).

How will I know when it’s ready?

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Scenic 3 will be pushed as an update through the App Store, just like a regular update from, for example, Scenic 2.3.0 to 2.3.1. So, if you have auto app updates turned on in your iCloud settings it will update automatically.

What’s the minimum iOS version for Scenic 3?

Scenic 3 will only run on iOS14 and up. If you have devices not capable of running iOS14 (all iOS13 capable devices are also capable of running iOS14) you will still be able to run Scenic 2. Scenic 2 will sync with Scenic 3. It runs on the same database. So if you have two or more devices and one of them is running Scenic 2 and the other one is running Scenic 3, your data will sync. There is one catch though: since Scenic 3 will use a different map provider and different routing engine, it’s possible your routes will be calculated differently on the two devices. This can’t be controlled unfortunately. My recommendation therefore is to use the same Scenic version for planning as well as navigation.

Will the time I invested in getting to know Scenic 2, be lost?

The change to Scenic 3 won’t be as big as the change from Scenic 1 to Scenic 2. Big parts of the user interface, look and feel will remain the same or improve (more intuitive). Some things around using the map and the routing will change where necessary, but only where the new map framework works a bit differently compared to the old one.

Can I go back to Scenic 2 if I don’t like Scenic 3?

I’m afraid Apple’s App Store doesn’t allow that. The App Store will always give you the latest available version that runs on your device. So you can only upgrade, not downgrade. What you can do is disable auto-update for your apps, so the update to Scenic 3 will not take place automatically. This is not recommended though as Scenic 3 is the natural next iteration of Scenic 2. Scenic 3 will continue evolving with new functions and features, while Scenic 2 will stay as is once Scenic 3 is released. If you’d like to help with beta testing (and get to know Scenic 3 in the process) you can register as a Scenic 3 beta tester. Please note that a lot of people already registered and I can not guarantee that everyone gets a beta spot!

Can I mix versions?

In other words, use Scenic 2 on one device and Scenic 3 on another (with the same account)? Yes you can, but there’s a culprit: Scenic 2 and 3 work on the same database (unlike Scenic 1), so your data will sync. But, there is a difference in map data and routing engine. Because of this, routes created in Scenic 2 might be a bit different in Scenic 3 (take different roads). For routes with many via points the chance of differences is low though.