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Paid Features and Prices

Free and paid features

Scenic is Free to download, but there are some features which are only available for Premium users. To become a premium user you can get a yearly subscription or do a one time purchase giving you Premium Forever. Most of the paid features can be tried by using one of the 20 free credits that each user gets. Credits are also required to download Offline Maps, EVEN IF YOUR ARE PREMIUM!!!

Premium Features

1. Turn by Turn & Voice Instructions
During navigation, Premium users get audible/spoken voice instructions and turn-by-turn instructions on screen. If you’re not premium you can try this for 1 credit per ride. Non-premium users get ‘follow the line’ navigation only.

2. Round Trip Suggestions
Scenic can suggest a round trip of a chosen distance in a chosen direction from your current location. This is a premium feature. If you’re not premium you can try this for 1 credit per round trip generation.

3. Route Import
Scenic can import routes from many formats, many sources and many apps and websites. This is a premium feature. If you’re not premium you can try this for 1 credit per imported route.

4. Route and Ride Export / Sharing
Scenic can create a link to a route and ride, for you to share with your friends. When visiting that link your friends will see a map with the route and any pictures you added. This page also has a ‘download GPX’ button, which only works if you are premium. This can not be tried with credits. Additionally Scenic can export a GPX file from your routes and rides. This is a premium feature. If you’re not premium you can try this for 1 credit per export. More info here.

5. Better Search Results
When searching for a location, address or POI category, Scenic includes results of Apple Maps and HERE Maps. Premium users will also get search results from Google Maps. This feature can NOT be tried with credits.

6. Elevation Profiles
Scenic can show an elevation profile of your routes and rides. This is a chart showing the elevation along the route / ride. This is a premium feature. This feature can NOT be tried with credits.

Offline Maps


Offline Maps can be downloaded to your device per region. A region is a US State, Canada Province or European Country. To download an offline map you need credits. The number of credits per region depends on the size (in MB) of the region. For example, Germany is a big country with a high density road network. It costs 10 credits. US Alaska for example, is also a very big area, but the road network is not very dense, so US Alaska is only 2 credits. You can also buy all US States or all Canada Provinces or all European countries at once, for 75 credits, which is less than the sum of all states, provinces or countries respectively.

You can use the 20 free credits to download offline maps. If you want more regions, you can buy additional credits.

Once you downloaded an offline map once, you’ll get free lifetime updates for that region and unlimited free downloads to all your devices. Please note that you need to be logged in with your Scenic account. Otherwise it won’t recognise that you already downloaded a region before.

How to purchase

How to get premium?
Premium is available in 2 forms: A yearly subscription and a one-time purchase which gives you premium forever. Both of these options are available through In App Purchases in the ‘Me’ tab > Premium & Offline Maps > Premium Get/Restore. Alternatively you can get Premium Forever through the Scenic WebApp. The yearly subscription is not available in the WebApp.

How to get additional credits?
You can buy additional credits as In App Purchases in the app through the ‘Me’ tab > Premium & Offline Maps > Credits. Alternatively you can buy more credits through the  Scenic WebApp.

Credits are available in packages. There are packages of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 credits. The bigger the package, the higher the bulk discount will be. 


Roughly, Premium Forever is €110, the yearly premium subscription is €27.99 per year and the credit packages vary from €3.50 to €43.

Due to different tax- and exchange rates prices can vary significantly, depending on the country and state of your Apple ID. You can check the prices for your country by going to the ‘Me’ tab > Premium & Offline Maps and choosing the ‘Premium Get/Restore’ row and the ‘Credits’ row.