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Offroad / Dual Sport / Trail Routes

Can Scenic handle Offroad routes?

Scenic knows most bigger / commonly used dirt/unpaved roads, but if you go into the woods and ride trails and such, chances are that Scenic doesn’t know these roads. They might still show on the map, but it won’t route you over it.

You can import Offroad routes into Scenic, but you can’t create them from scratch. This is because Scenic creates a route based on calculating the route between two or more points. Typically offroad routes contain small dirt / unpaved roads which are unknown to Scenic or at least Scenic might think you are not allowed to go there, so it can’t calculated a route over those roads.

How to import an offroad route

There should be a track (not a route) in the GPX file that you import. Then, when you import, if the magenta (calculated) line does not follow the blue line (exact track from the GPX) there is a couple of things you can try:

1.Force the magenta line onto the blue

In other words force Scenic to take the roads as intended in the GPX, by dropping some additional via points on the blue line (where the magenta line takes a different route). 

2.Save blue line as Track

If you can’t force the magenta line on the blue line, chances are that Scenic thinks you can’t or are not allowed to go there. In that case you can use the ‘Save blue line as Track’ button. When you choose that button, the blue line is saved as a track (magenta line is ignored) and added to your route list as a track. You can still select a track for navigation, but Scenic’s behaviour is different for tracks. Scenic won’t/can’t give you turn by turn and voice instructions for tracks. In stead, it will draw the line on the map for you to just visually follow.