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Navi Nerd Settings Explanation

3D Camera Angle & 3D Camera Distance

In navigation mode Scenic’s map can be in 3D mode. These settings configure the angle and distance of the ‘eye’ as displayed in the pictures below. Camera angle also changes with zoom when in 3D mode.

3D Horizon Height

This is the height of the sky when navigating in 3D mode

Stop/POI Closeby Message

This is the duration that the ‘Reached Stop’ and ‘Custom POI close by’ message will be displayed (in seconds)

Detour Message

This is the duration that the ‘Detour Detected’ message (and ‘Recalculate’ button if applicable) will be displayed (in seconds)

Skip Via/Stop Choice & Skip Via/Stop as default

This is the duration that the alert for skipping a via/stop will be displayed (in seconds), and what choice will be made if that duration passes without you making a choice by tapping on a button.

Track width during Nav

Tracks (as apposed to routes) are drawn on the map as a dashed line. This sets the width of that line (in screen points).

Movement Threshold

This is more of a debug setting that influences performance during navigation. It’s the minimum distance (in meter) that one must move before a gps coordinate is processed for navigation. The higher the value the better for performance, but it comes at a cost that navigation won’t be as precise and could even be delayed, having a counter effect.


Like ‘Movement Threshold’, this is also a debug setting that influences the performance. This is more GPU focussed though so won’t influence performance that much, but it can have positive effect on battery. The lower this value the better for performance/battery, but too low can cause the map to seem ‘jumpy’ (not smooth). It sets the frame rate for the map. I.e. how many times per second (frames per second) the map is rendered on screen.

Show real GPS position

The white/orange ‘current position’ indicator shows the matched position on the road network. When you turn on ‘show real GPS position’ the map will also show the real/raw GPS position (as transparent triangle with blue border), unprocessed/unmatched, as received from the GPS receiver.

Sometimes you’ll see the matched position lagging behind the real GPS position. This is because the matching of the raw GPS position to the road network takes time/performance.