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Map Update Stuck / Not loading

A very common reason why offline maps don’t download are VPNs. Some VPN providers are blocking the map server from HERE maps. NordVPN is notorious for that, but other providers might do the same. Try turning off your VPN.

Another (less common) reason is that your cellular data connection and wifi connection are “fighting” for the connection continually. If your wifi connection is not is not as strong or stable, iOS switches to cellular data. Try turning off cellular data, so the “fighting” stops.

Additionally, whenever a new map version is released, everyone gets a message about that (not all Scenic users, but all users of all apps using HERE maps). If too many people are actually downloading updates, the HERE map server gets very busy and slow. The recommendation is to try again later, or the day after.

While downloading, it’s best to leave Scenic open, on the download offline maps screen, and prevent your iPhone from auto-locking the screen. The download is the fastest like that.

If this doesn’t work / the problem keeps persisting, then try removing Scenic from your device and reinstalling it through the App Store.