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Low Voice Volume

When playing music while navigating, the volume of the voice instructions can be low compared to the music. Increasing the overall music volume does not help in these cases as it makes the music volume too loud.

Since Scenic version 2.2.4 (released 25 feb 2020), Scenic has the ability to boost the voice volume above 100%, to max 130%. Scenic Settings > Sound & Haptics > Voice Volume. This only works for devices running iOS13 and above though, and Voice Output has to be on ‘Device Default’.

Increasing the volume above 100% increases the voice volume itself, but also makes the voice more crisp and clear which make it better to understand over helmet wind noise at higher speeds.

If volume is reduced for voice instructions

If the volume is reduced when the voice speaks try the following:

– Start a ride
– Open Nav menu
– Use volume buttons in nav menu (without playing music) to turn up voice volume (a test countdown voice will sounds and it will ask you to use hardware buttons to adjust volume while test sound plays).

iOS remembers volume settings for certain outputs and certain devices. It’s possible that iOS remembered that voice output was ‘low’ for your com set or earbuds. By doing the above this is changed.