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Handlebar Controllers

With a handlebar controller you can control essential Scenic functions with your left hand, without touching the screen. E.g. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Play/Pause Music, Next/Previous Track, Open the navigation menu and select buttons from there.

At this moment Scenic supports two handlebar controllers: The WunderLINQ and the MotiveMonkey.

The below video shows what aspects of Scenic can be controlled with a Handlebar Remote. This specific video shows the WunderLINQ, but the same functions can be controlled with the MotiveMonkey.

Note that this video still shows Scenic 2, but the handlebar controllable features are the same in Scenic 3.

The WunderLINQ clicks into your existing BMW Nav Cradle, and allows you to control essential Scenic functions with the multi-controller (a.k.a. the ‘wunderwheel’) on the left handlebar. Through the WunderLINQ app it also displays bike information on your phone. For purchase options and more information, including what BMW Motorcycle Models are supported by the WunderLINQ, please visit the BlackBoxEmbedded website.

The MotiveMonkey is a universal handlebar controller. It fits on just about any motorcycle, and with its four buttons you can control essential Scenic functions, without touching the screen. Visit the MotiveMonkey Website for more information and purchase options.