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Portable waterproof CarPlay units for your motorcycle

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I agree I see no difference in distraction between iphone and CarPlay screens. I navigate in the reverse to you. I don't use comms. I like to ride without the nagging voice. So for me it is visual guidance only. This is where Scenic is so much better than other apps because you can customise the navigation screen. So I have change road widths, fonts and colours all to make it easy to read. When I use my phone I have notifications turned off and all other apps closed down. Never take calls. The biggest distraction to riding or driving is making and receiving phone calls. Remote conservations are dangerous. But I have gone off topic again. Sorry. I do understand the other benefits of having a Carplay unit attached to the bike.

Quote from demoderbydave on 12.08.2023, 17:03

Unfortunately mine does what many of yours is doing… when out for a ride it starts powering on and off about 30-45 minutes into a ride and becomes unusable. While trying to diagnose what the problem could be I powered it up in the house off of a few different power supplies and it stays on and works for hours… so I figured it could be the voltage reducer that comes with it. I removed that and hard wired another permanent converter (also Chinese, like everything else in the world) and hoped that was the problem. So I headed out on my FZ1 for a nice ride and of course it does the same thing. I have 2 cradles since I have 2 bikes and hadn’t installed it on the Goldwing 1800 yet and used that to test it in the house. I removed the original cradle from the Yamaha and powered it up again in the house and it isn’t shutting off after an hour. I am starting to think it’s heat related…my next test will be heating it up with a hairdryer to simulate the sun’s warmth… I’ll keep you all posted… assuming anyone actually reads this. It’s a shame that there is no support for these… some company has to make them all and wholesales them to the various distributors. I have about 200 bucks into the whole thing including 2 cradles and the mount I bought to install it… worse case scenario is it ends up in the trash can… but I really like the overall idea and just want the damn thing to work…

Hi first post on here. I had this problem and found that the knurled screw holding the unit to the housing wasn’t tight enough and vibrations were causing momentary loss on contact on the power connections. I used a screwdriver to tighten it, rather than my fingers, and it’s been fine ever since.

I just want to share with you latest firmware for this device I found out. For me its far the most stable one.
Also, there is nice update feature , in sound option you can reroute media audio to your phone - that means there is no need to connect your intercom to device, instead you connect it directly to phone as usual but this time you hear all media audio via phone/bluetooth. Many advantages with this for sure. Also, you can choose WIFI channel if it interfere with other EMF around.

Here is the link

Sounds good, will try it in the next days, thank you for sharing it. Where did you get it from?


I tried this version now, as far as I see, it seems not to be the new firmware from November, it's from April 2023.


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